Perlin Cloudify

A supercomputer in the palm of your hand

Cheaper & more secure

Since computation is done across a decentralized network of otherwise idle computing and device hardware, the price of cloud computing can be up to 5 times less than leading centralized cloud providers.

Passive income

Rent out the idle computing power on your computers and devices - earn passive income even while you sleep!

Run on Perlin Wavelet

Computation is run across a distributed network on Perlin’s Wavelet, a ledger and smart contract platform with capacity for 31,240 TPS that scales effortlessly to millions of nodes.

Private Computation

A differential privacy model allows you to choose the level of privacy that suits your business. Your data can be kept safely encrypted - only you will have total access and control.

About Cloudify

Leveraging idle consumer power to offer low-cost, on-demand, decentralized cloud computing

Perlin Cloudify is the first practical, trustless, and decentralized cloud computing marketplace leveraging underutilized compute power in everyday smart-devices to make supercomputing economically viable and globally accessible.


World's largest supply at over 377 pFlops

Perlin Cloudify is bootstrapped by our trusted partners with 377 pFlops of computational power. More capacity will become available as device owners join the network. Thanks to the effortless scaling that Wavelet offers, there is no limit on the number of devices running computation on our network in parallel.

Case Studies

Cloudify is already adding value to organisations

NITI Aayog


The Perlin team is working closely with the Indian Government’s premier innovation think tank, NITI Aayog, to develop a Perlin Cloudify pilot using privacy preserving AI to benefit communities in India.

More details on the pilot will be announced as the pilot is finalized.

More to come...

We are working with other large-scale enterprises seeking to create greater value chain traceability using Perlin Cloudify. We will announce these as they go live.

Enterprise Clients

Our team is ready to help you access cheaper and secure cloud computing power. Contact us now to get started!