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Perlin develops blockchain and distributed ledger technology - empowering enterprises with the essential Building Blocks to lead the next century of trade.
About Perlin
Passionate about blockchain technology

We are a highly experienced team of developers, engineers and business professionals helping enterprises to catch the next wave of technological and economic disruption using distributed ledger technology (DLT). We build powerful customised real-world DLT applications for both consumers and enterprises of all types and sizes to help them meet the challenges of modern trade and commerce.

Perlin is working closely with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), which represents 45 million businesses in 130 countries. Together, our mandate is to support and empower with powerful DLT applications for a global trade ecosystem that is more efficient, inclusive and sustainable.

Our Distributed Ledger: Perlin Wavelet
The fast, scalable & secure ledger for tomorrow that you can build on today

Based on the latest research in directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology, Wavelet is designed to be the fastest, most secure, and most scalable distributed ledger solution in existence today.

Wavelet is also integrated with a bulletproof smart contract SDK that lets developers leverage their existing skill-sets to write smart contracts while reducing the possibility of contract exploit, baking security in and leaving developers free to focus on features.

Wavelet is underpinned by a new and significantly more energy efficient proof-of-stake consensus model that removes profit from dishonest activity and quickly isolates bad nodes, eliminating the ability of any one player or coordinated group to dominate the network.

Extremely fast transaction speeds out of the box

Time-to-finality comparable to credit card networks

Easy scalability to millions of nodes without performance loss

A truly decentralized framework providing more robust network security

The Perlin Ecosystem
Core applications built on Perlin Wavelet Network

Perlin Clarify

An easily integrated and customizable traceability dApp for value chain transparency, designed for enterprises of any kind, size or complexity.

Perlin Certify

A user-friendly dApp for both enterprises and individuals to put assets and products on-chain to prove authenticity and ownership.

Perlin Cloudify

A practical, trustless and decentralized cloud computing marketplace leveraging idle compute power in unused devices for cheaper and more secure cloud resources.

Build your own

Build your own use case with our easy-to-use development tools. Whatever your idea for a dApp, we can help you develop and deploy it on our ledger.

Developer Hub
Latest Technical Updates & Resources

Perlin Wavelet Public Testnet

Testnet for Perlin's WAVELET is officially live worldwide and open for developer use. With DAG-based protocol technology now moving into technical maturity, the various tradeoffs of decentralization for performance that have hounded the industry for years no longer have to be made. Wave is the first of a new class of decentralized smart contract platforms that use DAG technology to achieve high throughput while maintaining security, scalability, and true decentralization.

Coming Soon

Perlin update

2018 has been a tremendous year for Perlin. We met our goals of bringing some of the best of what research has to offer in terms of decentralized technology to the masses with the release of our networking stack Noise, embeddable WebAssembly VM Life, and decentralized ledger Wavelet.

Open Source Code
Browse our code repos


A bleeding fast ledger with a powerful compute layer.


A decentralized P2P networking stack written in Go.


A secure WebAssembly VM catered for decentralized applications.


Writing WebAssembly smart contracts in Rust.


A TypeScript/React/MobX web interface to a Perlin node's API.

Perlin powering innovation
Dubai Chamber of Commerce
International Chamber of Commerce
PT Telkom
NITI Aayog
DX Exchange
Maker DAO
National University of Singapore

And dozens more partners...

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The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has entered a joint initiative to promote the adoption of blockchain trade solutions, according to a press release on July 1. The DCCI, which acts as an international business hub in Dubai, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with two entities the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Singapore-based blockchain startup Perlin.

July 1, 2019

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