Perlin Wavelet

The fast, scalable & secure ledger for tomorrow that you can build on today.

Extremely Fast TPS

Super fast transaction speeds out-of-the-box

Critical Transactions

Enforced transactions with 4-8 second finality.


Scales to millions of nodes without sacrificing performance

Secure & Green POS

Incentivizes continuous honest use of the network.

Higher transaction rate

Shorter time to finality

Reduced comms complexity

A new family of consensus protocols

Wavelet introduces a novel family of directed-acyclic graph (DAG)-based consensus protocols that alleviate the numerous scalability dilemmas predicated in decentralized ledgers that utilize either the longest chain rule or a variant of stake delegation/committee election scheme.

Wavelet nodes verify the legitimacy of transactions by continually sampling the population of nodes around them, efficiently creating pools of consensus that converge over time instead of maintaining a linearly-enforced line of authority like traditional blockchains. The benefits of this approach are a shorter time to finality and higher transaction rate due to reduced internode communication complexity.

A Painless Smart Contract SDK


Wavelet processes smart contracts that have been compiled down to WebAssembly, facilitating rapid processing speeds over an already optimized network. WebAssembly allows near-machine code execution speeds while providing an accessible, future-proof native format for smart contracts. Wavelet’s WebAssembly VM, Life, offers fast, secure, and correct cross-platform execution without relying on native dependencies, and allows for full control over the execution lifecycle.

Immutability of your uploaded data

Rust was chosen as the initial interface language for the Wavelet SDK due to its focus on high performance, memory safety, and targeted use in secure concurrent systems. As an added benefit, Rust’s concise form facilitates the auditing of smart contracts while at the same time closing many opportunities for contract exploit at the compiler level.

Download the SDK

The Wavelet SDK includes support for the addition of higher-level interface languages by the community, opening the doors for all developers, regardless of background or current expertise in specialized smart contract languages, to get started writing smart contracts on Wavelet.

The Wavelet SDK has a target release of March 2019 but it is available for download now at the project’s Github page.

Lens, Wavelet's Graphical Node Explorer

To facilitate exploration of the network, we built Lens, a web-based node explorer that tracks activity in real time and renders it in graphical form. Transactions and networks are represented as node graphs that update dynamically as changes are made to the network.

The application tracks both public and private Wavelet ledgers and features a built-in wallet, command-line interface, and validator client to help smooth out the learning curve and facilitate efficient, easy development.


A peer-to-peer networking stack with minimal dependencies that allows for high granularity in defining, developing, and deploying robust, secure, performant networking protocols.

Life VM

A fast, secure, and correct WebAssembly VM built from the ground up for decentralized applications.


A smart contract interface for Wavelet that lets developers write smart contracts in Rust.


A graphical node explorer with a built-in wallet, command-line interface, and validator client to facilitate both easy development of smart contracts and use of the network.

We've designed Wavelet to be as productive and intuitive as possible.

Browse through our Github page for more information or to start contributing!

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