Perlin Clarify

Full value chain traceability on a transparent, verifiable and immutable decentralized database.


Show customers that at every key stage you are compliant with relevant regulations, industry standards and other certifications.


Transparency and traceability for your value chain greatly enhances customer trust in your brand and gives you a competitive edge.

Tell Stories

Customers love products with human stories behind them - they help drive sales, foster brand loyalty and set you apart.


Perlin Clarify is built on the blockchain and a decentralised database, providing a permanent and unalterable record of your value chain data.


Full traceability for your value chain

Clarify is a highly efficient, transparent, and simple-to-use solution for implementing full traceability for your value chain. Regardless of your industry or business complexity, Clarify is purpose-built for you to easily upload data anywhere along your value chain for your customers and partners to view by simply using our app on their computer or mobile device.

Case Studies

Clarify is already adding value to organisations


MFused, a leading medical cannabis processor in the US - now using Perlin Clarify to demonstrate its industry-leading low-impact cannabinoid processing and isolation technology. Traceability will allow its customers to view their value chain from seed to vape.


Asiservy is one of South America’s largest exporters of tuna, processing 120 tonnes of fish a day out of Ecuador - now using Perlin Clarify to allow its customers to see how and where its tuna is caught and processed.

More to come...

We are working with other large-scale enterprises seeking to create greater value chain traceability using Perlin Clarify. We will announce these as they go live.


Traceability made easy

Clarify has incorporated all of the most vital features that a traceability platform must offer, including:

Easy-to-use & Intuitive User Interface

Designed for anyone to use regardless of technical background, allowing your staff to easily and quickly upload key data.

Painless Integration

Easily and seamlessly integrated into existing value chain systems without time-consuming or costly onboarding costs.

Flexible Customisation

Flexible and easily tailored to enterprises of every type, size and complexity.

Immutability of Your Uploaded Data

Once on-chain, your data will be permanent and unalterable to build trust with customers and supports your branding for quality and excellence.


Turning your value chain data into a compelling story

The Perlin Clarify application gives consumers access to all your uploaded data from any mobile device that can scan a QR code. Depending on the level of data you choose to upload, customers can easily and quickly trace your product back through your value chain to its source.

This transparency allows your customers to follow the product journey and share in the human stories connect to it - building trust and greater brand reputation.

Use Clarify Now

As a customer of any company using Clarify, you can trace their products throughout their value chains quickly and easily now.

Enterprise Clients

Our team is ready to help you to create greater value chain traceability today. Contact us now to get started!