Smart Contract Developer
Job Description
We are looking for a great developer who has experience with building smart contracts either professionally or personally to work with our team. Over the last few months, we have had large companies wanting to use our ledger and we want a developer to join and build proof of concepts and examples for these companies to leverage.
  • Writing smart contracts using the smart contracts platform on Wavelet, Perlin’s ledger
  • Working with various stakeholders and clients to build proof-of-concepts and enterprise level smart contracts and software to suit their needs
  • Creating documentation required for software libraries.
  • Design and develop reusable and reliable code using at least one of the following: Rust / Go / Typescript
  • Research and solve complex engineering challenges
  • Developed with Rust/Go and several other languages or willing to learn
  • Has extensive experience with building out smart contracts (Ideally has worked on Ethereum or other chains)
  • Previous high quality code samples and documentation that the community can use as a baseline
  • Great communication and writing skills
  • Optional: Experience with WebAssembly
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