Developer Evangelist
Job Description
Perlin is scouting a Developer Evangelist to join our team and get people excited about the products we are releasing. We have two major products - our ledger which boasts speeds above 10,000 TPS with extremely low times to finality and our cloud platform which aims to reduce cloud costs significantly by leverage underutilised datacenters, gaming PCs and even mobiles eventually. The role would be to build examples on our platform and engage our communities both on our own socials and externally.
  • Writing smart contracts using the smart contracts platform on Wavelet, Perlin’s ledger
  • Working with various stakeholders and clients to build proofs-of-concept and enterprise level smart contracts and software to suit their needs
  • Creating documentation required for software libraries.
  • Design and develop reusable and reliable code using at least one of the following: Rust / Go / Typescript
  • Research and solve complex engineering challenges
  • Build and grow the Perlin Developer Community on Discord and several other channels
  • Create high-quality technical content that highlights the ability for developers to start building on Perlin with ease
  • Be an advocate for Perlin on public forums, Reddit, etc
  • Communicate with our team directly to aid with the development of the product and to highlight what features will translate to more developer mindshare
  • Developed with Rust/Go and several other languages or willing to learn
  • Has extensive experience with building out smart contracts (Ideally has worked on Ethereum or other chains)
  • Understanding of serverless frameworks and developing those types of applications is a bonus
  • Great personality and willingness to travel
  • Previous high-quality code samples and documentation that the community can use as a baseline
  • Genuine passion for developing and creating side projects
  • Great communication and writing skills
  • Optional: Experience with WebAssembly
  • Optional: Marketing/Community building experience
  • Optional: Experience with AI/ML Models
  • Optional: Experience with cloud computing infrasturctures/architectures
  • Optional: Experience with blockchains/cryptocurrencies
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