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The distributed ledger technology (DLT) company that developed Wavelet™ - a secure, high-speed, and truly decentralized ledger at scale for commercial enterprise.
What is Perlin?

Perlin is the first practical, trustless and decentralized cloud computing marketplace that leverages underutilized compute power in everyday smart-devices to make supercomputing economically viable and accessible globally. This is achieved via a DAG-based distributed ledger using Avalanche consensus.

What problem does Perlin solve?

Researchers, developers, startups and enterprises incur excessive costs to power up the cloud machines/instances they rent from centralized cloud computing providers.

Perlin is creating a decentralized, trustless cloud computing marketplace which delivers massive computational throughput and power with the ability to attain high transaction volume and market activity, effectively reducing the cost of computing power.

Where is Perlin based?

Perlin has offices in Singapore, New York, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Where can I go to learn more about Perlin?

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What is a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)?

Perlin’s ledger is DAG - a data structure that maintains a topological sorting. It is comprised of a series of nodes with directed edges between earlier and later nodes within the sequence and it presents itself as one of the first monumental alternatives to blockchains scalability issues.

What is Wavelet?

The recent introduction of metastable consensus protocols from the Snowflake to Avalanche has intrigued researchers and engineers across the cryptocurrency space, and has been the basis for much of the exciting research and development efforts we have undertaken here at Perlin.

However, misnomers, edge cases and minor discrepancies around this new family of protocols have yet to be addressed and that is why we have pieced together a novel, practical high-throughput ledger: Wavelet that is metastable and Sybil-resistant.

What is the difference between the ledger and the compute layer?

The ledger stores network data. The compute layer is Perlin’s own decentralized application bootstrapped on top of the DAG-based ledger.

Can DApps be launched on Perlin?

Yes, Perlin’s ledger provides developers with the infrastructure to create DApps with ease, security and scalability.

What is the role of PERLs?

Perlin ties the remote allocation of a specific amount of computational time and resources through cryptographic means into a virtual currency termed PERLs.

Are PERLs an ERC20 token?

No. PERLs are not an ERC-20 token. PERLs are utility tokens and the native tokens will only be released upon the Wavelet mainnet when users of PERLs may use platforms and applications built on Wavelet (Perlin's distributed ledger).

What is the token price?

Very few (if any) projects reveal their seed round metrics, however with full transparency these are our official token-sale metrics.

Seed Sale (Dec, 2017 to Jan, 2018) - 20% of Tokens Issued. At the seed round the project was pre-whitepaper, had no technical development and no strategic partners. Token price of $0.04 with a 12-month lockup from time of investment and a 12-month vesting period from token-generation-event. This means that any vested tokens are not accessible within the lockup period.

Strategic Sale (April, 2018 to May, 2018) - 20% of Tokens Issued. At the strategic round the project had a 3 person team, whitepaper v1.0, 3 months of technical development and over 60+ strategic partners. Token price of $0.12 with 6-month vesting from token-generation-event.

Private Sale (June, 2018 to July, 2018) - 7.5% of Tokens Issued. At the private sale round the project had 10+ person team, whitepaper v2.0, 3 separate independent code reviews with high marks, 5 months of technical development and over 200+ strategic partners and token purchasers. Token price of $0.20 with 3-month lockup from exchange-listing.

Further Sale Details. TBA

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